Cadillac and Garman Houses

What once had been blighted structures in Bellefonte's Historic District, the Garman House and Cadillac House at Bellefonte Mews now hold 32 units of workforce housing. The Garman House is home to 21 units and the historic Cadillac Building holds 11 units, an office building to maintain the properties, and a floor of community space.

See the Cadillac House's transformation here!

After fire destroyed the Cadillac Building in 2009 and the Garman Theatre and Hotel Do-De in 2012, what remained of once historic buildings sat waiting to be revitalized. Seizing an opportunity, the Progress Development Group is creating a housing complex in downtown Bellefonte in these former buildings. 

Although the Garman Theatre and Hotel Do-De could not be saved and were destroyed, the Cadillac Building has been rebuilt, remaining a part of the Bellefonte Historic District.





























Construction was completed on the Cadillac House and Garman House in Fall 2016.